Lifestyle November 27, 2023

Home Matters | How to Care for Garden Tools in Fall & Winter

Are you someone who loves to garden or work in your yard? Spring and summer are a great time to enjoy all the beauty of East Tennessee. Then fall comes and brings the changing leaves and harvest time. As cooler temperatures arrive, gardens and lawns must be prepped to get ready for the coming season.

Not only does your yard need to be winterized, but your garden tools and equipment need to be properly cared for in winter as well. With proper care, your garden tools can survive the wintry elements and be in tip top shape when the next planting season arrives.

The best way to ensure that your tools are cared for is to always clean them prior to putting them away. Give tools a good scrubbing and make sure that they are free of dirt or other matter. A steel brush is one way to really clean metal tools and steel wool is another.

Once tools are clean, they also need to be dried. Putting tools away wet can cause them to rust or corrode.

To prevent future rust that might occur from moisture during the winter months, coat metal tools with a small amount of vegetable oil, applied using a clean cloth.

Not only does this keep your tools rust free, it’s also safe for your soil.

Many garden tools have wooden handles that can get splintered or dry. Sand these a bit first and then coat them with linseed oil. This will be absorbed into the wood and help protect it from damage from the season’s elements.

Your tools can last a long time when you give them the proper care. Winter is coming whether we’re ready for it or not, so get your tools and gardening implements weather proofed and ready for the season.

As you ready your tools for the winter, remember that a well-maintained yard is just one way homeowners give their properties a unique flair. At Wallace Real Estate, we’ve been helping home buyers and sellers with their distinctive real estate needs since 1936. Your home matters, and we’re here to ensure your real estate journey is as seamless as caring for your garden tools. Prepare for winter, and let’s make your home shine in every season.